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Working with alerts

Create a custom alert to notify you if a data column from a real-time datafile has reached a specified threshold.

There are three types of alerts you can create:

  1. Absolute
  2. Relative
  3. Average

Absolute alert

When you want to know whether a certain value rises or falls below a specific value, use an absolute alert.


Alert me if the temperature falls below 0°C.

Relative alert

A relative alert provides a way to monitor for a fixed percent increase or decrease between a specified interval of time.


Alert me if the water level increases by 10% over the last 24 hours.

Average alert

Much like a relative alert, an average alert watches for an average value spanning a specified interval of time.


Alert me if the average stream flow for the last 12 hours is above 2 m/s².

To create an alert:

Once an alert is triggered you will receive a notification within Datashift as well as an email giving you the details of the alert.


Click the bell icon on the top right of the screen to view all your notifications and alerts.