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Making your data public

By default every project you create will be set to private. However, if you would like to share your data there are three options for you.

1. Add members to private projects

You can add as many number of members to a project as your team plan allows. Only invited members can access or see the data within the project. Learn how to add members to your project.

2. Make your project public to everyone in your dataspace

Seting a project to public for everyone in your dataspace will give everyone read-only access to the project. This means they will be able view the data and create graphics from it on their dashboards. They will not be able to add any new data or perform any calculations on the data.

You may still invite members to the project and give them greater access levels than read-only.

3. Public to everyone on Datashift

If you would like to open your data to the public you can set your project to public to everyone on Datashift. When public, anyone with a Datashift account can read your data (they will not be able to edit it in any way).

To make changes on the privacy level of your project:

To make your data more searchable to the public there is an additional information section for you to add more details of your project.

All these details will be searcheable and visible by people searching the Datashift public data pool.

Public project