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Datashift is an all-in-one data management platform that helps you organize your raw data and control everything from one central location.

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Data management, simplified.

Devising a framework to ingest, store, access, and share data is especially challenging when data comes in from different sources, formats and standards. It's easy for things to get lost, for people to get overwhelmed, and for information to fall through the cracks.

Datashift brings all your information together in one place which allows you to understand exactly where all your data is, where it's coming from, who's working on it, and what it's saying. Your team can access Datashift from anywhere, a central location for all your data.

Never miss an event again.

Datashift is more than a data collection tool — it is a platform which allows you to monitor your data in real-time. You decide what is important to know and when you want to know it. Everyone on your team can create their own dashboards and notifications which keeps everyone organized and on top of their work.

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Automate your data pipeline

Bring data into Datashift and simplify your pipeline, no matter what hardware you're currently using.

Move your data online

Move out of siloed databases and systems and open up your data to the world.

Build custom connections

Get help setting up custom data connections and pipelines with a Datashift expert.

Inform your team

Organize your data into projects and collaborate with your team in real-time.

We'll build your data pipeline.

When managing multiple platforms, each with different communication protocols and data formats, creating a smooth flow of data from hardware to insights gets complicated real fast — until now.

Datashift will work with you to automate your entire data flow, taking you from raw data to real-time visualizations & calculations.

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