Datashift was built to solve our own data needs. Today we help other people organize and share their data.

Working in a research group has many advantages, but there are also a lot of problems dealing with data. Between undergraduate students, graduate students, summer students, researchers and technicians, data sharing quickly becomes a complex problem leading to broken data sets, questionable quality control and in worst case scenarios complete loss of data.

Datashift was built to help our research team manage our data across our ecosystem of students, technicians, researchers and collaborators.

What Datashift does

Datashift is a tool which allows people to connect and upload their data to one centralized platform. From this platform anyone can organize, analyse and share data with their team and, if they want, with the world.

What we value

Our technology is built on simplicity and trust. With Datashift, our first priority is and always will be to our customers. When people upload data to their Dataspace they can trust that their data is secure.

What we've built

We believe that data should always be accessible, easy to understand and beautiful to look at. We help people from all over the world make sense of their data by continually working to improve our product and giving people the right tools to interact with their data.