Datashift was built to solve our own data needs.

Over 5 years ago we needed a way to manage all our incoming data. None of the solutions out there gave us the control over our data that we needed — so we build our own. Today, Datashift helps other researchers and businesses manage their data, whether it's static or real-time.

What Datashift does.

Datashift is a platform which allows people to connect and upload their static and real-time datasets. Teams can organize, analyse, visualize, and share data within their organization and with the world.

What we value.

Our technology is built on simplicity and trust. With Datashift, our first priority is and always will be to you, our customer. Your data is secure and won't be shared with anyone, unless you decided to.

What we believe in.

Our mission is to make data management better for everyone. We believe that the future of data management is with data being accessible to everyone, so we work to reduce the barriers of entry to make data management better for everyone.