Appending datafiles together

A single dataset that is spread accross two or more datafiles can be appended together.

Important: Appending datafiles must match up exactly — same number of header rows and the same column definitions. Appending a datafile is simply a continuation of the data.

To append two datafiles together:

  1. Hover over the datafile you want to append new data to, click on the datafile menu icon
    and select "
    Append another datafile

Append data to selected datafile

  1. Select the file you want to append to the existing datafile, either from a file from your Dropbox or from your computer. A append icon
    will appear beside your appended file.

Icon beside an appended datafile in your project

Tip: An appended datafile cannot be set to real-time. It is a substitute for real-time data where static datafiles are often collected manually from continuous data platforms.

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