Types of data Datashift can read

Datashift supports 5 different data types:

  1. Date
    Use to store data as a date, or a date/time pair if a single column contains both date and time. Example: April 18, 2015 15:30.
  2. Time
    Stores data as time.
  3. String
    A set of alphanumeric characters represented as text. Example: 123 My Street Name, Weather Station 7, Water Temperature.
  4. Number
    Stores data as a number. Examples: 23, 0.453, -7.
  5. Boolean
    Represents a data type with only two possible values: true or false.

Tip: When uploading your data, Datashift will automatically identity the data type for each column in your file. These settings can be changed if labelled incorrectly.

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