Creating a dashboard

A Dashboard is where you create the readings and graphics to display the information that is relevant to you. They are like a blank canvas where you control how you visualize your data.

Dashboards are very powerful when combined with real-time datafiles. As datafiles are updated with new data, all readings and graphics update automatically. There is no limit to the number of dashboards you can create.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Click on the
    button beside the heading
    on the top left side of the menu.

On a dashboard you can create two types of visuals: readings and graphics.

Tip: Click and drag on any reading or graphic to place it anywhere on your dashboard.


Readings are a visual display of the last measurement from a specific column from a datafile. They are specifially designed to display real-time data, but work with any datafile.

Readings from a dashboard

Click here to learn how to create readings on your dashboard.


Graphics are, well, graphs. They are diagrams which show the relationship between two (or three) variables. Each graphic can contain a primary X axis, a primary Y axis, and secondary Y axis.

Graphic from a dashboard

Click here to learn how to create graphics on your dashboard.

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