Making data update in real-time

When a datafile is set to update in real-time, Datashift will pull all new data from the source file and update the data on Datashift. Furthermore, all graphics and readings that are using data from this file will also be updated automatically.

Note: Only datafiles that have been added from Dropbox can be updated in real-time.

To connect a datafile in real-time:

  1. Hover over one of the datafiles you want to re-load, click on the datafile menu icon
    and select "

Select real-time to have datafile update in real-time

  1. Select "
    Check this file for real-time updates
    " and set the update frequency to either
    15 minutes
    1 hour
    3 hours
    , or
    1 day
  2. Click "
    Save changes

Set datafile to update in real-time

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