Linking datafiles together

Linking datafiles together allows you to perform calculations on data that are located in two seperate datafiles.

Important: When you want to link two datafiles together, they must each have a primary key — a column within each file that contains a unique indentifier. An example would be linking two datafiles that each have a date/time column.

To link two datafiles together:

  1. Hover over one of the datafiles you want to link, click on the datafile menu icon
    and select "
    Link with another datafile
  2. Select the datafile you'd like to link.
  3. Identify the
    Primary key
    in both files.
  4. Give a name to your newly created file.

Delete a datafile

  1. Click on "
    Link data
    " to complete link. A link icon
    will appear beside your new linked file on your project page.

Icon beside a linked datafile in your project

Tip: If you'd like to link more than one file together, select a linked file and repeat the linking process described above.

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