Updating data headers

When you are in the data headers view you will be able to:

Viewing and updating data headers

To view the header details of a datafile:

  1. Hover over the datafile you want to view the header information for, click on the datafile menu icon
    and select "
    Header data

Select data headers to view/edit header information and perform data caculations

  1. On the data headers page you'll see a table which lists each column and their units. Click on the
    column name
    to edit.
  2. From the pop-up you can edit the header name and the units for the data.

Updating data headers

Important: If your date, time, or date/time column was automatically set to auto, changing your units to something else may cause Datashift to be unable to read the date and/or time correctly.

Creating new data columns with calculations

From the data headers view you are also able to create new columns by performing calculations. Click here to learn how to do that.

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